she’s looking for my balls.

Me and her? We’re the fuckin’ heat.


Go undercover with artist Rich Ellis and his exclusive “Operation S.I.N.” sketchbook, featuring Peggy Carter

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Listening to ZZ top and Zappa (my cat) walks in, to the rhythm of la grange.

Anyways, i sketched this up a couple of days ago. Quite a few people think DHMG/Dorian? is gay. So voilà, smooches.

I don’t do kisses, because they are hard, but then everything fucking is.


"you have nice bone structure" can either mean "i find you aesthetically pleasing" or "you will be a strong warrior in the skeleton war"

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Do you ever ‘wtf white people’ even though you are a white people.

who the hell is
B U C K Y ?

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"Sleep doesn’t relieve my exhaustion anymore."

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